Why Pastured?

Our chicks, from the first stages of their life, are nurtured in our brooders until they can healthily withstand the outdoors. From then on, they are on grass all their days. They are raised like Memaw's used to be, with a twist. They live on our pastures, scratching and pecking at whatever they fancy, being rotated to different areas of the field every week. Unlike the industrially produced bird, which is pumped up with who-knows-what, fed feed packed with medications, soy and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), and thrown in an enclosed, artificially lighted and ventilated room with thousands of other birds, we raise our chickens in the sunshine and fresh air, happily feeding on grass, bugs and high quality, nutritous feed. Giving chickens freedom to live on pasture and using all natural, soy free, non-GMO raising methods is a radically cleaner, healthier, and positive approach for the bird and for us!





Typical industrially-produced broilers, confined to an average of 0.8 square feet or less per bird all their life. Most chicken you will find in the store is from broilers raised in this way.

Broilers on pasture at Humble Rooster Farm, enjoying spring flowers.

Typical industrially-produced layers, confined to cages with limited space (normally multiple hens per cage) and lighting, having no access to the outdoors all their life. Most eggs from the store are from hens raised in this way.

Layers at Humble Rooster Farm, enjoying grass and bugs. These birds live outside literally all their life.






















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