The Process

Our chickens are pastured. They are moved to fresh, clean grass routinely, giving them free access to green grass and bugs. They are housed in a mobile chicken coop, and are protected from predators by electric poultry netting. These birds are very happy and have plenty of space to do what they naturally do - forage, scratch, and cluck.

This system is not only beneficial for the chicken, but also for the field. The birds open up the ground by scratching and pecking, and add nitrogen into the soil through their droppings.


Our Feed

We supplement our hens' natural diet with H&H Feed, which is milled in Hamilton, TX weekly and sourced out of Burnet, TX. It is NON-GMO, SOY FREE and CORN FREE.


Our Eggs

We handle our eggs with quality that you can count on with Humble Rooster Farm. Our customers have said that our eggs have a distinct taste.



Humble Rooster Farm, LLC

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