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        Humble Rooster is a small, family owned and operated farm. We had a desire about a decade ago to move out to the country and enjoy the fresh air. We bought some acreage in Burnet County and started out with a small flock of ducks, chickens, and guineas.

        One of the endeavors in which we have engaged in is pastured poulty: raising poultry on pasture with the full ability to act out their natural instincts of foraging, scratching and pecking at bugs, laying eggs and clucking.

        For the past four years, we have worked to make the pastured poultry model work on a larger scale so we can provide healthful food for our neighbors and friends. Within the past three years we began offering our products at farmer's markets. We have continued our presence at farmer's markets in Austin and Georgetown.

        On this journey, we have come to appreciate good, healthy food. We hope to expand as we learn how we can better serve our customers and farm.







Humble Rooster Farm, LLC

Serving Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Lampasas, Burnet and Surrounding Areas

849 County Road 213 Bertram, TX 78605  |  512.779.8935  |  questions@humbleroosterfarm.com